1526 SOK. NO: 3/A


Operating in the Electrical Engineering sector, Elektron Enerji has adopted it as a principle to produce the most suitable solutions for customer needs with its experienced staff and to complete the projects it undertakes in and out of the country on time with optimum cost in line with a sense of total quality.Elektron Enerji has adopted it as a mission to achieve unconditional customer satisfaction by fulfilling all kinds of services from the design stage to the commissioning and periodical maintenance process in the projects it undertakes.


> It is young and dynamic. It works in line with the solution partnership principle. It has a customer-oriented service mentality.
> It offers you the experience it has obtained in many worksites at home and abroad in the field of Electrical Engineering.
> It is one step ahead of its rivals in the fields of project and commitment thanks to its optimum and economic solutions.
> In line with its long term working principle, it especially aims to gain the trust of the companies to which it offers services.